Body Lotion

Welcome to Golden Tiger’s best-selling lotions. Our Full Body Moisturizing Lotion and Heeling Balm Intense Moisturizing Treatment deliver healthy botanicals deep into your epidermis for a healing, soothing, deeply moisturizing experience.

Our lotions are based on all-natural oils, healing aloe leaf extract, and softening vitamin E. That base is complemented by a nourishing blend of refreshing, cooling cucumber, naturally powerful green tea, and anti-oxidant rich grape seed extract.

Golden Tiger’s Full Body Moisturizing Lotion is excellent for every day usage. It carries a light, clean, refreshing scent, and is available in a 16-oz. recyclable pump bottle.

Our Heeling Balm Intense Moisturizing Treatment was originally designed for Podiatrists to use on the damaged bottoms of their diabetic patients’ feet. It contains 8% urea for exfoliation and smoothing, and lanolin for the ultimate softening of even the most stubborn skin.