Letter From Our Founder

Greetings, My name is Kenny Mosher

I am the founder of Golden Tiger. Thank you so much for stopping by our store. I became interested in natural pain relief remedies through a sequence of events that begin with my grandfather. Grandpa Noah was a chuck wagon cook, who made his own medicines and remedies way back when.

Years later, when I was badly injured, I remembered his knowledge and was inspired to try my own hand at botanical remedies. At 35 years old, I blew out the L4-L5 disc in my back. One minute I was working on a trailer hitch, then next I could hardly walk and had to call for an ambulance. The healing process was not fun, as anyone who has suffered a back injury can tell you! My doctor referred me to a physical therapist who worked with professional boxers, and that physical therapist introduced me to pain relief creams. With his help, I got much better. My profession, at the time, was as an indie race car tire changer – something I had done for 16 years. Of course with a blown disc I was out of that job, but my drastic improvement after using the pain relief cream from my physical therapist inspired me to want to work in the pain relief cream industry.

After working for a pain relief cream company for several years, I felt I could design, develop, and produce a better product than what was already on the market, and so Golden Tiger was born. As an American, I feel a huge commitment to doing business in the USA. My father spent some years as a Marine, and he raised me to believe in dedication, ideals, and sacrifice. On our family farm, I learned how to work hard and expect quality results from quality effort. I carry those beliefs with me still, and apply them daily to Golden Tiger. I want only the best ingredients – because I want high-quality end products.

I want to do business in the USA – because I believe in this country and what it stands for. I want 100% recyclable packaging for my products – because I want to give back to this Earth that has been so generous with us for so many years. By the way, it is years after my back injury now. I mountain bike, street bike, and ride horses. I still use a pain relief cream on my ankles and low back several times a week, like I learned years ago. The only difference is…now I’m using Golden Tiger.

Sincerely, Kenny

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