Made In USA

Proudly Made in The USA

At Golden Tiger, we believe in supporting the USA. Our commitment to American made products comes from our founder who grew up on a farm and was raised by his father who served in the Marines. He’s seen hard work, dedication, and sacrifice for the sake of others in action. He was raised in an environment where a man’s worth came from his determination, strength, and integrity, and he’s translated those qualities into his adult life. The man knows how to work, and he knows how to be grateful & compassionate!

Making an effective, all-natural product that aids people in managing their pain and inflammation is our mission. And making our products at a competitive price and keeping the work here in the USA is our values. We know it’s cheaper, in a lot of ways, to do business overseas where the American dollar goes farther, but we are committed to keeping our products American made where we can control the quality better and keep jobs in our country.

All that notwithstanding, we strive to be a ‘Made in the USA’ company. All of our formulas are developed and produced right here at home, and we make every effort to use American suppliers for our packaging and labels.

Our pledge to our customers – and to ourselves – is to honor our country and continue to support it any way we can.