Our Commitment To the Environment

We only have one Earth.

It’s a fact. Just one planet to live on. One generous, natural remedy-filled Earth that is full to the brim with sunshine and rain, oxygen and soil, nutrients and knowledge.

The people on this beautiful Earth throw away billions of plastic water bottles, cigarette butts, and other damaging trash each year. Why? It doesn’t disappear, it just goes from one place to another. We need to do better than carelessly tossing away everything that we’re done with.

We only have one Earth. Protect it.

The Earth has so much to offer that we as humans tend to lose sight of the fact that eventually, things run out. Eventually, if we don’t stop and pay attention and use resources wisely while we have them, those resources simply won’t be there to use anymore.

We only have on Earth. Protect it. Do what you can to make it better right here, right now.

Here at Golden Tiger, we make products that come in plastic packaging. If we care about the world we live in – and we do! – then one of our very first orders of business is to arrange our processing and packaging so that we produce as little waste as possible. For us, that means 100% recyclable packaging. All those tubes and bottles and caps we sell can be re-used. Every bit of them.

We’ve taken care of our part of the process. Please, kindly, take care of your part now.