Pain Relief

Golden Tiger’s pain relief products offer the best botanical properties from centuries of natural health knowledge to keep you comfortable and on the move. Our products provide:

  • anti-inflammatory action to soothe and calm inflamed tissue,

  • warming qualities to loosen tight muscles and aide circulation for healing, and

  • pain relief that is deep-penetrating and fast-acting.

The cooling menthol and camphor in our pain relief formula make these products refreshing and soothing to apply. Other botanicals – ginger, willow, and curcumin – then penetrate and go to work reducing inflammation and relieving pain. And finally, capsaicin aids in movement and healing by improving circulation, and loosening and warming tight, damaged tissues.

Pain and inflammation are a fact of life. Whether you have an injury or illness, use your body hard for work or play, or simply have a few years of life catching up with you, at some point you’ll have pain and inflammation to tend to. Our proprietary formula provides deep-penetrating, fast-acting relief for everything from arthritis to shin splints, bursitis to tendonitis, fibromyalgia to sports injuries.

Because pain is no respecter of your schedule, we’ve designed our Pain Relief formula into a variety of products, all of which are 100% free of oils, waxes, or alcohol. You can apply it any time of the day or night without any worry of staining fabric or clogging your pores.

Our formula isn’t affected by heat or cold, so storage is easy. We have a firm policy of Earth-friendliness, which includes absolutely no animal testing, and 100% recyclable packaging. And we are proud to be American-designed and produced.

Pain relief is good.

Natural, effective pain relief is better.

Natural, effective pain relief that is kind to the Earth and is available whenever and wherever you need it is the best.