Here is what Our Customer's Have to Say.

Scot S., LAc.

I am an acupuncturist and herbalist in Colorado. I am very selective on the herbal products I will use on my patients and sell to them. Golden Tiger Pain Relief Cream is amazing. Top notch ingredients and very effective at relieving pain. One of the biggest selling points is that the cream doesn’t smell real strong after a few minutes, it isn’t greasy and doesn’t get on my patients clothing. They can use it anytime and not smell like Ben Gay. This is one of the few products I don’t have to sell to my patients. When I use it on them and they see the results it sells itself. However, I will send them home with a sample package so they can use and prove it to themselves. Nine out of ten times they return and want to buy a tube of it. Fantastic. Thanks for creating a reliable pain relieving cream!

Jeff B

I'm a disabled veteran. I've had both knees and both hips fitted with total joint replacements. I was injured doing my job as a mechanic. I wanted to thank Golden Tiger for making a product that allows me to live in a lot less pain. I do volunteer work with other veterans at a VA center. Some of the vets have injuries from their service; often I'll tell them about your product and why I feel it could help them. Thank you for making such a great product.

Dana R.

Nice product. Pain gone without the long lasting smell! For me the pain relief lasts all day and night.

Dee Hart

Golden Tiger works immediately and lasts a lot longer. I have arthritis in the Sciatic Nerve, knees, and feet. I am a dancer, bowler and still working at the age of 77 years old, and I am enjoying life to its fullest with less pain. Life is good again, thanks to Golden Tiger. It was a lot stronger and the odor was so mild, compared to other products I have used. I will tell my friends about your wonderful product.

Linda Ferguson

I am a horse person and was a barrel racer for many years. I had a really bad accident where I broke both my ankles and I was in non-walking casts for eight weeks. Golden Tiger pain relief came to us through our chiropractor. Then I went online and found the Heeling Balm. I wish I had taken before and after pictures. When my legs came out of the casts after eight weeks they looked like an alligator, horribly deformed, the skin was just in bad shape. I broke down in tears, it was a hard thing to look at.But I started soaking them in warm water and using the Heeling Balm and today my legs look great! Even my physical therapist is absolutely amazed. I want to compliment you on your product. I worked for almost 15 years for Revlon and 7 years for Estee Lauder where we made some exceptional products but there is nothing like this on the market. I want to applaud you, the ingredients are amazing. I have ordered and reordered and tell everybody I know about your products.

Judith L'Heureux, LMT

I have used Golden Tiger Massage Lotion, Golden Tiger Natural Pain Relief and Golden Tiger Oil exclusively for the past ten years. All three products are water soluble and the Golden Tiger Lotion and Oil are unscented. What more could you ask? The glide is perfect and good for my hands, too. My clients now use Golden Tiger Lotion as a moisturizer and Golden Tiger Natural Pain Relief in between their massage appointments.I provide several modalities in my practice and the Golden Tiger Lotion is just right. I use Golden Tiger Natural Pain Relief Cream for Trigger Point Therapy and I use Golden Tiger Massage Oil for my Hot Stones Treatment.I have looked around and tried other products but none can surpass Golden Tiger Products. The level of customer service I have received over the past ten years is unrivaled.Thank-you so much for enhancing my massage practice and keeping me and my clients happy. I love your products.

Darrell Bilke

I’ve used Golden Tiger for the past 3 years on my knee. It is a wonderful product that helps keep the pain at bay.

Golden Tiger Pain Relief