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Golden Tiger

Golden Tiger Natural Pain Relieving Cream - Tube 4oz

Golden Tiger Natural Pain Relieving Cream - Tube 4oz

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For a small, on-the-go version of Golden Tiger Pain Relief Cream, we have a 4-oz., flip-top tube available. Our proprietary formula is not damaged by hot or cold temperatures, so keeping a tube in your gym bag, your glove box, and your desk is equally convenient. For those with a massage, physical therapy, or sports medicine practice, these make great promotional or holiday gifts for your favorite clients.

At Golden Tiger we are proud of our all-natural products, recyclable packaging, and zero animal testing policy. We are also proud of our fast, effective, pain relief cream that has given so many people relief from pain and inflammation. Suggested uses: arthritis, massage, bursitis, neck aches, headaches, cramps, backaches, bruises, muscle strains and sprains, fibromyalgia, muscle soreness, joint pain, sports injuries, and tendonitis.

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